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Fun Facts

 Holyfield Pic

Minus all pics w/my fiance + dog my fav. pic is the one I have with Holyfield.

 197 Books

From 2011-2013 I read 197 books, which led to my 1st book.

Break Things

I like to take things apart to see how they work (I still haven’t put my vacuum back).


In college I was the #7 position, which is called the flanker.


I am a self-taught web designer, which meant a lot of bugs when I was learning.

 Android Dude

Yes, I’m an Android dude versus Apple in case you’re wondering.


Every night I write down ten new ideas in my idea book.

 CSS Design Awards

In January & June, 2015 I was nominated for a CSS International Design Award.

  Global Reach

I mentor entrepreneurs in 20+ different countries.

Hacking the Valley

An Overview of the Tech Sector from 2011-2013 by Andrew Medal

From 2011-2013 I read 197 books. I studied the tech sector rigorously, and wrote everyday for 730 days straight. I learned so much over those two years and took all of my findings to publish my first book called Hacking the Valley.

I wrote about startup hacks, notable entrepreneurs, strategies used, and startup success stories.

Andrew Medal

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